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POWER HORSE Team in Alabama.


                                Florida and Alabama 119.JPG


December 9, 2004.


The Equine Journal Magazine did a spotlight note on their December issue, talking about the POWER HORSE Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals and its use in the treatment of laminitis. To read this article please click the following link:
Download this pdf /animalsource.pdf


Buenos Aires, December 6/ 2004.             

Animal Power Source, Inc, together with Animal Power, S.A. from Argentina, had a very good showing at the Argentine Open  Polo Championship at Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During this time, different products were used to supplement Polo ponies under heavy training and competition.

"Chichilo", a groom for the famous '10 goal' Polo player Carlos Gracida, is seen in the picture administering the anti-dehydrating paste "Winner's Paste", from POWER HORSE, two hours before the beginning of the match between "La Dolfina" and "Chapaleufú 2".

Other products used successfully were the MEGAVITAMIN (one ounce daily) and the JOINT-PLUS (1/2 ounce daily) from POWER HORSE. This combination proved to be incomparably effective to recover the horses after the flight  trip and quarentine. The non-steroid formulas allowed the horses to be treated for Shoulder Pain and Dorso-Lumbar Syndrome effectively.