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  • What is Power Horse?

           It is a Line of Products with several equine supplements, including the Naturally  Chelated

   Trace Minerals from the Power Horse Line.

  • What does the Trace Mineral Formula do?                                                                                           This  organic formula with 76 olielements provides the necessary trace minerals to the diet of the horses that are suffering from a lack in the food. It is recommended for those cases where there is a visible abnormal change in the hoof structure, the hair condition, the absorption of nutrients, the energy level, the body defenses and the general health condition. It is recommended for cases of laminitis, to help prevent it and treat it.



  • How does it work in the Laminitis prevention?

The chemical compound, Humic Montmorillonite, absorbs toxins and chelates heavy metals, which in turn damage the perypherical circulation, which includes the Laminae of the hoof. Therefore, avoiding the damage of those micro-blood vessels, it prevents the laminitic damage.


  • How does it work on an existing Laminitis? 

By the same principle it prevents it, the absorption of the toxins that generated the episode of Laminitis, is the first step of the healing process. Then, the alumino-silicate portion of the montmorillonite (silica) stimulates the Mesodermal Cell Production, which stimulates the growth of fiber tissue, hair, skin and Hoof. The speed of growth is such, that the laminar structures regenerate at a very accelerated pace. A growth of 1.5 inches in 6 weeks has been seen, which is (pretty much) unheard of. This depends on the quantity of Trace Minerals administered. Another reason for the fast growth of the hoof is the increase of the enzymes produced by the administration of the Power Horse Minerals.


  • What is the recommended dose?

The recommended dose for a 1,100 lb horses, is 2 oz daily, as a supplement to prevent Laminitis. For treatment of an acute case, it is advisable to double or triple the dose, depending on the severity of the situation; at least during the initial 10 to 15 days of treatment. For chronic cases, a daily dose of 2 oz will be enough, so long as the results are expected within a period of 30 to 60 days.


  • What is the most important Chelating fraction of the Power Horse?

The Humic and Fulvic acids.


  • What is the most important fraction of the Power Horse concerning the Aflatoxin trapping?

The Montmorillonite carrier.



  • Why it is not recommended for horses with chronic kidney condition?

As with any other salt or mineral supplement in the diet, the kidneys will eliminate the Power Horse Minerals. When there is a chronic condition of the kidneys, the filtration is reduced. When this or any other salt is added to the food, there is a good chance of an increase of the retention of fluids, which is not good.


  • Is it recommended for young horses under 6 months of age?

During the first months of life, the young horses generally do not require the supplementation of trace minerals. After six months, coinciding with the weaning, the stress accumulated requires the initial supplementation of minerals in the diet. 


  • What can be done to ensure the proper mineral balance in the diet of the newborn?

Administer the Power Horse Minerals to the mares, at least during the last 3 months of pregnancy.


  • Does it help prevent bone damage?

In spite of the low calcium content, an improvement of some bone diseases has been observed; such as good results on some navicular conditions, some bucked shins, resolution of hairline fractures and other fractures, reduced hock arthritis, etc.


  • What kinds of changes have been reported on newborn horses with respect to the skeleton?

In mares that were supplemented the Power Horse Minerals prior to delivery, the size and weight of the newborns was increased.


  • What results have been observed with respect to the presence of gastric ulcers?

The Power Horse Minerals coat the stomach mucosae, alleviating the effect of the stomach acid on the ulcers. The pain disappears, allowing for a better performance.


  • What is the effect of Power Horse Minerals on the dietary intake of the horse?

After several months of supplementation, the horse will start to eat more forage than grain. Up to 20% less grain, to maintain the same body weight. It also generates a wide variety of enzymes that aid in the digestive process. 


  • Is it best to treat Laminitis with the Power Horse Minerals alone, or together with the traditional treatments?

              It is best to treat laminitis with the Power Horse Trace Minerals together  with the traditional 

              treatments, although a high dose of painkillers and other drugs might interfere the liver function, 

              which is responsable of manufacturing most of the enzymes; therefore, reducing the benefical 

              effect of the minerals.


  • What difference is there between the use of the Power Horse Trace Minerals and other products such as the lysine and methionine for hoof growth?

     The use of the Power Horse Trace Minerals allows for a very fast growth of the corneal

     material of the foot,  while maintaining it hard and elastic. In our observations, the quality of the

     foot does not improve with lysine and methionine, only the speed of growth. In other words, if the

     hoof was previously scaly and soft, it will continue to grow that way, without any improvement in

     hardness and elastiticity; conditions needed to improve laminitis.


·         Can these products be given together with the Power Horse Trace Minerals?

Yes. There is no problem in doing that, but is no necessary.