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POWER HORSE®, a Specialty Line.

US Patent

Every product of this line was designed to improve the most commonly known abnormal conditions of the Horse. From the lack of energy and stamina (supplemented with the Mega-Vitamin Formula), to the improvement of lameness due to joint wear (supplemented with the Joint-Plus!"). From covering the exhaustion and dehydration with the Electro-Lyte Plus!", to improving the digestive tract function with the Preventcol!". Don t forget the visible enhancement of the general condition and the aid on Laminitis prevention of the POWER HORSE® Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals (product to which a US Patent as a Method to treat Laminitis has been granted). These are the supplements that everyone can count on, when expecting the results that other products promise, but don t deliver.


  Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals - Individual and Farm Sizes



  The Hoof Growth factor!


   Joint Plus
   Electro-Lyte Plus