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Millions of years ago as it was known then, the world drastically changed. Something occurred that ended with the life of dinosaurs, plants and even marine life. As these became fossils, rocks in which they were buried formed a sediment layer that can only be found in two places in the world. This rock is the basic structure of 76 MINERALS, a chelated mix containing heavy and ionic metals, oligoelements, diluted gases and salts, found in natural stage in an ancient seabed rock.

Studies have proven that minerals in general are important in the absorption of nutrients. This natural formula is THE MOST COMPLETE mineral complex ever found; thus, it is the best available absorption enhancer that anyone would want to use. It's chemical structure allows it to act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitoxin agent and anti-stress, as well as a skin, hair and nail growth promoter and many other positive reactions that your body will unleash once you start taking 76 MINERALS.

76 MINERALS has the ability to trap heavy protein molecules with a positive electromagnetic charge, which normally would be toxic in the bowel, inactivating them and eliminating them through the intestine, allowing a better assimilation of the food components, disregarding the quality of food. It provides oxygen to body cells, reducing fatigue. It enhances the absorption of any drug therapy once the cleansing process is achieved, acting as a potentiating agent. Only 20 days taking 2 capsules twice a day will start the cleansing reaction that will make the body feel energetic as you have never felt before.

76 MINERALS will do all of this and much more!!!