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There is an ancient natural mineral formula, originated from a fossilized ocean seabed rock, which has some incredible properties, both for supplementing animals and humans.

This naturally chelated compound works as an enzyme building agent. The fact that it contains 76 chelated metals, diluted gases and oligoelements in its formula, enhances the enzymatic production at a cellular level.

These enzymes traditionally are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, an anti-arthritic effect, an increased effect over the digestive processes and an oxygenating effect, avoiding fatigue. Also important is the regenerating effect over several types of tissue, including the skin, hair and nails. When the minerals enter the body, they combine with toxins in the intestinal tract, inactivating them. Therefore, avoiding liver toxicity of many of these compounds, which in turn improves most of the bodily functions.

If a human takes them, all of these functions will be observed; starting with a cleansing effect to the intestine, regulating it and reducing gases. Nails will grow, the hair will thicken and mostly will stop falling. The skin will look moisturized. The joints with arthritis will loose inflammation and will stop hurting and the energy level will rise appreciably.

When horses are supplemented with these minerals, there is a change of hair coat, which occurs within the first 20 days. The hooves grow faster and harder, but elastic. The material doesn’t scale, the way it does with a biotin supplement. In some cases the growth measured 1 and ¼ inch in six weeks!

In horses with Laminitis, there is an incredible reaction of detoxification and hoof growth, which aids even in cases where horses have been on the ground for days. They stand up and walk, in as little as 10 days after being supplemented. It is used to prevent and to aid in the treatment of Laminitis and Founder. Also, to make the coat shine and to improve the general condition, stamina and endurance of the horse. It aids in the digestive process and it also helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

When supplementing cats and dogs, there is a similar effect to the one previously mentioned. The anti-toxic effect over these pets is not obvious, but very important. When chemical solvents and detergents are used to clean the household, there is an absorption of these through the plantar pads, in the paws. This aspect is not very noticeable but with time, it will cause liver damage, which will diminish all of the bodily functions. In some cases, there is an increase of some diseases, such as arthritis or allergy; hair loss and fatigue.

By supplementing small pets with these trace minerals we will protect the liver and the intestine from regular strength toxins. In turn, we’ll observe an improvement in the hair condition, gas elimination, loss of the odor of the stool and pain reduction in cases of arthritis and osteoporosis.

In all animals, including humans, there is an increase in the immune responses, due to a very complete enzymatic formation.


For humans, the 650-mg capsules are called 76 Minerals.

For horses, the powder product is called POWER HORSE. POWER DOG and POWER CAT respectively, for dogs and cats. These also come in capsules.

If any of the above mentioned problems are occurring, you might want to try supplementing with Trace Minerals to improve and prevent such conditions. The minerals are non-toxic, and the expected results after starting to supplement with them, could only be very good. Welcome to the Mineral Supplement of the 2000!