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With so many products in the market that claim to have the same effect, it is hard for the consumer to select the best value.

Some people read the content table and compare with the price; some others just buy the most expensive, thinking that obviously they should be the best.

The reality is that when a comparison is made of the anti-arthritic supplements that have the most concentrated formulas with the best value there is nothing that comes close to the POWER HORSE JOINT-PLUS.

Designed to achieve the same absorption levels of other low molecular weight products, the high doses of Chondroitin (HCL) and Glucosamine (2KCL) enhanced with Vitamin C (Ascorbate), makes it comparable to the leading products available in the equine industry; while maintaining the characteristics for easy absorption at the intestinal level, inherent to the elements with low molecular weight. These are the most effective, but at the same time the least used, due to their cost.

In addition, the inclusion of MSM, Yucca and Boswellia increases the natural analgesic and anti-arthritic power of this formula.

The Manganese is known to help with the production of collagen and proteoglycans from the glucosamine and the chondroitin sulfate.


POWER HORSE JOINT-PLUS is so powerful that it can be administered daily with a dose of 1 oz, reducing in some cases to ½ oz daily, after an initial supplementation period.

When compared to the leading products, whether at full or half dose, POWER HORSE JOINT-PLUS offers the highest levels of supplements, with the desired effects, while reducing the cost significantly.


For better absorption and a synergic effect, its advisable to administer it with POWER HORSE Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals, which will add a large amount of minerals to the horse, enhancing the body's functions through an increase in enzyme formation.