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There are many vitamin supplements in the market, that are formulated to supply the most basic amount of these important elements, that are eliminated in great quantities while the horse is fully exercised.

For this reason, the MEGA VITAMIN FORMULA of the POWER HORSE LINE has been made to balance this particular need, considering the enormous use of vitamins needed while the horses race, jump, run or train for the different disciplines.

The massive doses of Vitamin A, D and E, together with an equally large supply of B Complex and their Activating Minerals, provide this formula with one of the highest doses of Vitamins in the market.

Without getting into the description of the benefits, derived from the antioxidant effects of the high levels of Vitamin E and the regenerating effect of the amounts of Vitamin A, its important to say that the available quantities of Hydro-soluble and Lipo-soluble elements, are balanced to guarantee the maximum absorption and the subsequent benefits for the competition horse. When these horses are not competing or when there is a need to revitalize a sick animal, the same formula can be administered with a lower dose.

The POWER HORSE MEGA VITAMIN FORMULA has a particular addition of some important plant extracts, which stimulate certain specific functions:

Panax ginseng: naturally stimulating, invigorating, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immune and fertility enhancer.
Panax notoginseng: same as above, with the addition of a powerful anti bleeding effect.
Maca: regulates levels of hormones and enzymes to create a state of homeostasis (Balance between the inside and outside of the cell).


For horses in competition of any kind, or to improve condition of animals recovering from debilitating diseases: 1 oz daily, mixed with the food, during at least 30 days. To maintain the levels achieved during the first treatment, it is advisable to repeat it during 15 days every month.

For resting and recovering horses, or for those animals that do not require a high-energy output: ½ oz daily.


To obtain a better absorption and a synergic effect, it is advisable to administer it with POWER HORSE Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals, which will add a large amount of trace minerals to the horse, enhancing the body functions through an increase in enzyme formation.