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PREVENTCOL™ is a mix of digestive enzymes and live yeast cells that works as an alternative supplement for horses with poor digestion, gas accumulation or prone to colic. Used as an additive to the food, the presence of these organic elements helps the proper function of the intestinal tract. It’s an ideal complement for food with higher fiber content, which some times is difficult to digest. It’s also helpful when a diet rich in dry matter is used. The organic phosphorus absorption and intestinal breakdown are also improved. This is particularly important for raising foals with a healthy bone structure.



HOW TO USE: Pour one scoop (10 g) over feed:
  Foals: 1 scoop.   Lactation: 2½ scoops.
  Yearlings: 1½ scoop.   Pregnancy: 2½ scoops.
  Stallions: 1 scoop.   Breeding: 2 scoops.
  Mares: 1 scoop.   Training: 2½ scoops.

When enduring stressful conditions, twice the regular serving is recommended.